Softovac Tablets

Softovac Tablets

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Softovac SF is manufactured by Lupin,India.
Softovac SF contains psyllium husk, senna, haritaki, licorice and cassia fistulaa that provides the body with necessary and healthy dietary fiber.
Softovac Powder regulates bowel movements and is a colon cleanser laxative that helps relieving chronic and acute constipation. Softovac Powder is also available in a sugar free format as Softovac SF Powder specially forumulated for diabetics. It can also used in ibs symptoms, for cleansing the colon cleanse & as a body detox.
Dose: The Softovac SF Powder can be consumed by mixing one or two teaspoons of powder in a glass of water in the night, for better results. 
WARNING: Softovac is contradicted for long term use and may cause diaarhea and flatulence.
Use under medical supervision.